Residential Construction Management
Owner's Representative Services

As the Construction Manager / Owner's Representative, the BHDS Group provides homeowners the comfort that their projects are being well managed every step of the way. We are a highly specialized firm that provides our clients personalized service and a commitment to deliver their home on timeand within budget while making the building process a pleasant experience for the home owner.

The BHDS Group is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of professional project management for the planning, design, and construction of large residential projects. We have a long history of servicing clients and will remain engaged on your project from start to finish. Most importantly, we provide the leadership to achieve the excellence in design and construction of your home.

Pre-Design Phase

The BHDS Group has a successful track record of reducing overall project costs and construction time by being engaged in the early stages of a project. When managing a project from the start, we will reduce project time and cost without sacrificing the important vision and details of your dream home.

Over the years we have found owners have recognized considerable savings in the cost of designing and constructing their home in the amount of 2-3 times the cost of our services.

The BHDS Group has successfully worked with many project teams that include a vast network of professional and specialized architects, designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, vendors, and suppliers. We bring this knowledge, experience and relationships into developing a winning team in your projects best interest.

During this phase of your project, the BHDS Group will assemble and organize a project team necessary to assure the design and construction of your home meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our services will include the following:
  • Preparation of a project management plan
  • Establish project organization and communication protocol with all team members
  • Preparation of a master project budget
  • Preparation of a master project schedule
  • Preparation of a cash flow forecast
  • Assemble a professional team; architect, interior designer, engineers, and consultants
  • Assemble a construction team of contractors, vendors, and suppliers
  • Provide representation at Homeowner Association meetings
  • Manage entitlement, permitting, and utility requirements
  • Establish project controls for time, cost, quality, and scope

Design Phase

During the design phase the BHDS Group will insure the team is continually communicating and consulting on all substantive issues.

As the process proceeds from schematic through final design, the BHDS Group shall monitor the issues critical to each particular phase, moving from general decisions in the early phase to detailed decisions as design progresses.

The goal is to complete a set of construction documents defining a project which can be bid in the current local marketplace within the home owner's budget and time requirements.

Our services will include the following:
  • Provide design and engineering oversight
  • Provide detailed constructability reviews and alternative studies of the drawings
  • Monitor the master project budget
  • Monitor the master project schedule
  • Establish risk management and insurance requirements
  • Monitor project controls for time, cost quality, and scope
  • Monitor compliance with the established LEED sustainability goals for the project

Procurement Phase

The bidding and contracting process is a key element in the success of the project. The BHDS Group will be responsible for securing bidders who are qualified, competitive, interested in the work, and capable of performing the work within the project time, cost, and quality requirements.

We reduce project costs through competitive bidding and selecting the best delivery method for your project.

Our services will include the following:
  • Solicitation and pre-qualification of bidders
  • Oversee and analyze bidding and proposals
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Arrangement for owner purchased furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Monitor project controls for time, cost quality, and scope

Construction Phase

The BHDS Group will expedite and improve the efficiency of the construction process through professional planning and oversight, all focused upon fulfilling the home owner's scope, cost, quality, and time requirements.

The BHDS group has built many homes and has managed construction from the inside out. We know where to look and what to look for. We have the ability to collaborate and relate in a plain-talking way with contractors.

Our services will include the following:
  • Represent the owner at all pre-construction, progress, and special project meetings
  • On-site project management, observations, and inspections
  • Administration of construction and consultant contracts and agreements
  • Coordinate permits, technical inspections, and testing
  • Review, approve, and certify contractor and consultant progress payments
  • Change-order management, review, and approval
  • Assist design and construction team in preparation of punch-list and final inspections
  • Assure communication flow between project team members
  • Provide project controls for time, cost, quality, and scope

Post-Construction Phase

BHDS will provide the leadership and management to make the critical bridge between construction and move-in by overseeing all aspects of the home owner's occupancy. We will provide representation on-site to ensure the proper management and coordination of all your consultants, vendors, and suppliers at this critical milestone. This task includes scheduling and managing the security, overall final cleaning, delivery and installation of furniture, art, equipment, and start-up of all systems. Expeditious and effective project close-out is a critical element of a successful project.

Our services will include the following:
  • Establish final completion date
  • Process final payment
  • Schedule and coordinate final connections of utilities and services
  • Provide oversight of the start-up and commissioning of all systems and equipment
  • Assemble project close-out documentation
    • Assemble record drawings for as-built documentation
    • Lien Waivers
    • Warranty and Guarantee
    • Maintenance and Operation Manuals
  • Provide final construction cost audits

Professional Services

The BHDS Group creates added value for our clients by providing professional services that are flexible, easy to engage, and are scalable to meet your specific requirements.

Our services will include the following:
  • On-Site Observation & Reporting
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Cost Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Quality Assurance Management
  • Contract Management & Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Change Order Review
  • Occupancy Phase Planning and Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Sustainability and LEED Consulting
  • Owner Occupancy Management and Coordination
  • Site Due Diligence and Investigations
  • Construction Cost Audits
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